Zumba Group Fitness

Different Zumba classes are available throughout the Winter and Sprint throughout different locations in the Fraser Valley. All of our Zumba classes are open to ages 4-99 and to all abilities. Adaptations for every move make Zumba a party and great way to be active in spite of any challenges clients may face. We work in partnership with municipalities throughout the Fraser Valley as well as local not-for-profit organizations who seek to provide programs for clients with disabilities. Contact us for more details or to book a class. 

  1. Would like to know more about Zumba?

    • Hi there!
      thank you for inquirinb about Zumba. We are able to offer Zumba on a chair with adapted movements, at times modified weights depending on the clients’ abilities. For now, we are booking group sessions, and we can go to the clients’ location to offer the program. The group bookings require at least 4-6 people.

      Let us know if you have any more questions.

      Happy Monday!

  2. I am a zin member .. I’d like to know how many classes you have organized for people on an ongoing bases??

    • Hi there!
      Thank you for your interest. I would have to get more context and background from you in regards to your question, are you looking for a class, or employment? it is hard to answer the question without any background information.

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